Monday, February 16, 2015

Wild Harlequin Floor for Garden Castle Shed

A harlequin pattern for the floor of the garden castle shed has been on my mind but I decided it couldn't be a plain diamond pattern, it had to be wild.

Last Thursday I went out with a pencil to draw the big wavy lines to form the wavy diamonds. Friday afternoon was fun to be on the floor painting the wild shapes. By 4:30 Jan brought me a Blue Moon to celebrate! 

The floor pattern was a success but I can't say the same for the turret finials. Here I was cleaning off the flux after soldering, looks a mess.

The solder just didn't flow nicely, there were gaps in the seam so I turned it over to fill in.

 That didn't work! The whole seam popped open. I could scream!!!

 My brain works solutions during the night and I did wake up the next morning with a better solution. I will use a folded piece of copper on the inside and sweat solder it together at the same time I add the finial and flag. That will have to wait till I'm in the mood to do all the frustrating solder clean up.

In the mean time the garden castle shed still looks bare with no finials on top. I'm not happy with the color of the window frames, the lights are temporary, Jan needs to make the doors and frame when he has time and add the trim and window mullions. We've got lots more to do besides that but it's a process. It's been five months since the day I built the little foam core model that evolved into something much larger than originally planned.

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