Monday, October 28, 2013

Organizing Caddy

For years my small sewing caddy has worked to keep items organized and easily moved to whichever sewing machine I am using. 

It holds scissors, pens, markers, eye glasses, nail file, tweezers, screw drivers, lint brushes, small ruler, kit for changed leather belts on my treadle sewing machines with two needle nose pliers, oiler, light lubricant, honing stick, eye piece, sewing machine keys, nylon strip for flossing tension discs and I'm sure I've missed a few things. 

After much frustration over the years when I needed to hang a picture, measure, sand, touch up, having handy tools and running back and forth to the black hole garage I decided I needed a second caddy.

So the bliss of a caddy is now at my fingertips. I'm a handy woman but hate the disorganization of the garage so had hubby make my design.

I love the new caddy, a bit over sized but room to grow. It has my hammer, small nails, 
screw drivers, pliers, measuring tape, pencil, paper and sanding block. Here it sits, pretty as a picture just waiting for little projects.


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