Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Christmas Scene of Animals, Raggedy Ann and Andy

1980s Christmas Scene
In the mid 1980s I had an 8x4 foot front window that was perfect for a tea party Christmas scene of woodland animals. I made the paper covered fireplace and used orange and red cellophane for fire in front of lights. Over the mantel was a rabbit Merry Christmas painting I had purchased at a boutique. The gorilla and teddy bear were my son Doug’s. Raggedy Ann dolls, raccoon and cat were borrowed from my sister and a friend. The rocker at the left was my son Joe's. Lace window curtain on left was my peeking area to watch people come see the scene. The table was covered in plaid, then lace topper trimmed in ribbon. Animal crackers were served along with tea.

The woodland Christmas tree had decorations animals would eat, apples, walnuts, candy canes. There was a mouse hole at the bottom right with a small wreath above, inside the mice slept in a flat tin can bed.

The train ran around the base of the tree and Christmas carols played. I posted the sign at upper left so people would know it was okay to come close rather than watching from the sidewalk. It was magical to watch families come and enjoy the scene.

For several years I've wanted to re-create another scene, this is the year!

Kohler Home in 1960s, Baarn, Netherlands
It will be a free standing little house, about 3x6 feet. There will be many differences. The fire place with be inspired by my husband's childhood home in Holland, above.
Doug's Gorilla and Davree the Monkey
Look who we have here! This is the original gorilla from the 1980s and my precious Davree She wears a pink shirt and little pink bow on her ear. My grandsons gave her to me in 2005, she proudly sits on a chair near the entry to greet any visitor. Her name is composed of their names, Davis and Reese.

Come back often and watch the progress of the 2013 Christmas House. 

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