Monday, May 30, 2016

Sierra Sky Park Fresno California and Video

Sierra Sky Park is the first aviation community in the world, created in 1946 for passionate aviators right here in Fresno, California. The homes at the private airport were built with hangars so the airplane is right there, ready to taxi out to the runway and fly out. The street signs are low so no airplane wing can clip it.

Like clockwork on Saturday mornings some of the pilots take off for breakfast to various places. We live a mile away and have enjoyed the air activity over the years. Any time we have visiting guests we drive them over to see the unique neighborhood.

Sometimes there are airplane gatherings like the one here in 2013.

Last month, late one Saturday afternoon, there was a lot of plane activity leaving Sierra Sky Park and flying over the San Joaquin river going towards Madera, CA. If it sounds like an interesting plane hubby dashes out to see it and I often follow. Well, it was an amazing evening and morning, I had to put together the little clips of what happened. Turn up your volume and maximize the page size for the full effect.

Sunday morning was an amazing sight, there were 28 planes in formation.

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