Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Downton Abbey White Wedding Bunting

Downton Abbey has many of us at the edge of our seats in the US. Unfortunately we're already halfway through the last season. What will we do without the elegant clothes and drama? Well, sip a cup of tea and leaf through the official companion to all six seasons. I've been so good, only went through the first few pages when I saw a photo of Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes wedding. Oh, no, I don't want to know what happens before it airs on TV! See that diagonal band in the lower right corner? It says "Includes Season 6 Spoilers." I will not look.

So my book sits waiting on my Jones parlor cabinet treadle sewing machine until the season ends.

I nicknamed the machine Downton Abbey because it reminded me of the castle. The cabinet finish was in such bad shape I painted the exterior.

Downton Abbey's third season premier in 2013 featured the wedding of Matthew and Lady Mary. The 1920 era town was decorated with white flag bunting and that inspired me to stitch some on my Jones English treadle sewing machines of the same era. Within a day I listed white cotton bunting in my Treadle Lady shop and sold many during the wedding season.

When Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes were married the hall was decorated with white bunting. In celebration I made one for my castle shed. It adds a little to the shed since the tree behind is bare in January.

When the front cabinet doors are open you can see the English manufactured Jones sewing machine. When the top is lifted up and over to the left the machine comes up.

The decal emblem says "As Supplied to Her Majesty Queen Alexandra." The Jones Sewing Machine Company put that on the decal after Queen Alexandra used the model when she was in school as Princess of Wales. This lovely machine is a dream to use to make all my Downton Abbey inspired white bunting.

White bunting are listed on my Etsy shop here.

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