Sunday, November 8, 2015

Guard Dogs at The Castle Shed and Lemon Curd Soon

It has been a gorgeous weekend in Fresno, sunny and 70 degrees. Maybe that's why two of the three guard dogs at the Castle Shed are laying down on the job.

We've been doggie and kitty sitting since Thursday. Three frisky rat terriers but they have been good, grandma is spoiling them, evil laugh. So with the weather so nice I did a little organizing in the shed and look at that, through the turret window you can see lemons starting to turn yellow.

That means it will be tea time with crumpets and lemon curd soon.

Looks so inviting, time for a cup of tea and work at the medieval table while the weather is so nice.

I can go down the rabbit hole in here.

One of the mini notepads I listed on the Paris Cabinet shop last night
is handy, more about them here.  

And where is kitty? Shadow has to stay indoors.

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