Monday, May 4, 2015

Paris Cabinet Inspired Corbels for the Castle Shed

On Friday I talked with hubby about shelving for the turrets in the castle shed. I wanted something inspired by the lovely and graceful Paris Cabinet. It only took a finger running along the right corner to find a shape.

I drew the shape on a sheet of paper and in not much more time than a blink of an eye hubby had cut out 4 corbels.

In another blink I painted them gray and layered white for a distressed look.

The shabby roses from last week's post look even shabbier but still so beautiful I put them on my painting station to admire. 

We get no rain in Fresno during the late spring and through summer and already the sun was beating in on the glass windows of the south turret. In my sweetest voice I asked hubby to make screen windows and take out the glass to catch the breeze in the shed. The painting station is now uncluttered and look at the corbels and shelves.

The north turret also got corbels and shelves. A future project will be a glass front cabinet for storing table cloths and place mats for outdoor eating. The tray and silhouette canisters are listed on eBay.

The front doors are next but I keep distracting hubby with more honey-dos.

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